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The most complex and important structural system on your home is your roof. Our job is to ensure your roof will withstand intense South Florida weather conditions while lasting for years to come.
We have the most knowledgeable and use the highest quality roofing materials. We are registered providers of the government-backed PACE programs.
A new roof is crucial to you and the property you’re intending to renovate and can help you to prevent unnecessary aggravation. We, at Nessco Construction LLC, are working by the codes and protocols created by the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation.

Benefits of Roof Replacements

✓ Withstand powerful hurricanes conditions
✓ Save up to 20% on cooling & heating costs
✓ Protect your home from fire and hail storms
✓ Choose from a variety of roof designs and colors
✓ Increase the value of your home

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Nessco is a Top-Rated Roof & Window General Contractor Following Most Updated Protocols. Nessco hires only certified and experienced employees and specialists to make sure that the most important structural system on your home is being built the right way. At Nessco we will never be compromised on our customer safety, needs, and preferences!
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Roofing with Nessco

Nessco Construction is a full-service state certified roofing contractor serving the South Florida Area. We have developed a highly trained team of skilled employees who will provide the best solution to your roofing needs. Our number one priority has always been to provide the highest quality craftsman alongside customer service at the best possible price. Let our experts help you choose a roofing solution that best fits your needs.

  • Our roofing experts have years of experience and specialize in all areas.
  • Top local roofing company.
  • Convenient & flexible financing solutions.
  • Following the highest South Florida codes and protocols regulations.

Our Roofing Services

If your roof is leaking, damaged, or needs replacement, Nessco Construction can help with any type of roof:

Shingle roofing example explain - Nessco Construction

Tile roof is offering one of the most beautiful and most popular roof options for property owners looking for the longest life out of their roof. When installed – Some roofs are lasting 100 years or longer.

Metal roofing - explained - Nessco construction

how much do you know about metal roofing? Did you know that it often requires little to zero maintenance after it’s installed? Or that you can choose from a variety of looks and styles, like standing…

The entire look or style of a residential building is influenced by the type of shingle selected. There are several types of roof shingles such as asphalt shingles, wood shingles…

solar tiles for roof

Their design is meant to mimic the function and look of conventional materials such as asphalt and shingles used in roofing. They are specially manufactured photovoltaic materials that are integrated into buildings. This means that they seamlessly blend with the architectural design used on your roof.

It is undoubtedly one of the best roofing materials of our time. Slate roofing tiles are known to be durable, an important aspect one shouldn’t overlook when deciding the suitable roofing material for their lovely home.

A new roof is crucial to you and the property you’re intending to renovate and can help you to prevent unnecessary aggravation. We, at Nessco Construction LLC, are working by the codes and protocols created by the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation.

All Residentioal Roof Types

Inspection - Plan - Execution

Our well-known jingle says it all: If it’s great, its Nessco!

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Windows and Doors Replacement

We work by the highest Standards in FL

All types of windows and doors! We work ONLY with High-Graded products.

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Hurricane Proof Standards

Commercial and Residential

Windows, doors and roofs – Hurricane proof!

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It can be difficult to get the right quote for your project. The roofing project is containing a lot of “moving parts”. Materials, types, and methods should be chosen carefully since a roofing project is considered one of the most complicated and important construction projects you can do for your house. It is very important that the roof will be built by the best codes and protocols to prevent any unwanted situations. This is exactly the way we build roofs! Fill the next form and we will get back to you to schedule a meeting and build you a roof by the highest standards that exist!

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What's the process?

The process of getting a new roof has never been easier! Just a few steps are required in order to set your home a brand new beautiful leakless, and even energy-efficient roof. All you have to do is go through just simple 3 steps, we got the rest!

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Small research about roofing can save you a lot of money and inconveniences! On the top menu of every page on our website, you can find our Info Center which is full of articles and explanations about roofing projects as such as how to get the right roof, roof types, costs, new updates from the industry, and more. We are welcoming you to enjoy our free “Roofipedia” to invest smarter!

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We have a professional team that will make sure the project is being done right! Roofing is requiring accurate measurements and calculations, It has to be done on the most professional side of it – the roof is right above your head and the last thing you want is to find out is that your new roof is leaking, doesn’t fit the house or the environment, or even worst, collapse. Our specialists will make sure something like that will NEVER happen to you! You can call us on (954) 231-2514 or email us through our Contact Office page.

The rest is on us

From this step and on, all you have to do is to sit and enjoy watching your roof being built safely, and professionally. Within a few days, from the moment we start the project, the roof will be fully built as described and planned. You’re all set and ready to rate us 5 stars on Google!

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